Sunday, April 27, 2008

generic aspiration info

just need someplace to hold this info for now ..... Knowledge
  • Primary Aspiration Benefit - Summon Aliens - What knowledge could be more tantalizing that that of life on another planet? This interaction, available on all telescopes, allows you to attempt to hitch a ride on any flying saucers that happen to be passing by.
  • Secondary Aspiration Benefit - Eureka! - There are left-brained Sims, and there are right-brained sims, and then there's you. By thinking with both hemispheres of your brain, you experience moments of clarity that make your learning rate much faster than those other half-brained types.
  • Related Aspiration Item - Simvac, Thinking cap
  • Other related item/perk - eggplant juice


  • Primary Aspiration Benefit - Rowdy Folk Song - Between all late-night party animals there seems to be a shared knowledge of a song that won't be found in any book or jukebox. You have no memory of how you learned it, but it's a great way to build relationships with a large group of fellow revelers.
  • Secondary Aspiration Benefit - Write Restaurant Guide - After spending thousands of Simoleons on dinner and drinks over the years, you've come up with a plan to recoup some of your costs. This interaction, available on any computer, lets you turn your food enthusiasm and cooking skill into guides that can be sold to a publisher.


  • Primary Aspiration Benefit - Super Fertility - What could be more adorable than a new bundle of joy in the family? A matched set! You or your partner have a greatly increased chance of giving birth to twins when becoming pregnant.
  • Secondary Aspiration Benefit - Plead With The Social Worker - Every parent makes mistakes, but it is possible to get a second chance at raising your kids. If the social worker comes to collect your kids as a result of poor parenting, you'll have a chance to plead your case with her. The higher relationship you have with your kids, the more likely she is to hold off on taking them away.
  • Related Aspiration Item - Smart milk? (prepares next generation for better future)
  • Other related item/perk - cheesecake


  • Primary Aspiration Benefit - Investing - For a smart Sim with good instincts, playing the stock market can seem like making money out of thin air. Each afternoon, you'll have a chance to gain or lose some of your family funds. If other members of your household have this benefit, your chances of making a profit are increased.
  • Secondary Aspiration Benefit - Financial Advice for Cash - When people get the idea that you're an expert at something, it's a very simple matter to sucker them into giving you some of their money. The Give Financial Advice interaction, available on any computer, allows you to make money every hour from the comfort of your office.
  • Related Aspiration Item - Money tree, counterfeiting machine
  • Other related item/perk - wishing well, genie lamp, treasure chest


  • Primary Aspiration Benefit - Smooth Talk - Every Romance Sim worth their salt knows the second most important thing to getting a lover is keeping them. The Smooth Talk interaction is useful not only to build relationship quickly with a potential romantic interest, but it also smooths things over with a Sim who is Furious with you.
  • Secondary Aspiration Benefit - Local Legend - There comes a time in every Casanova's life when their reputation begins to preceded them. Word of your romantic prowess has spread through town, and neighbors of your preferred gender are more likely to be found "coincidentally" strolling past your house.
  • Related Aspiration Item - Love Tub
  • Other related item/perk - beauty cocktail (juice), voodoo doll, wishing well, strawberry juice?


  • Primary Aspiration Benefit - Fast Friends - A truly open-minded socialite, you value friendship with any and all Sims who cross your path. Your positive relationship gains with other Sims are always larger than those of Sims without this benefit.
  • Secondary Aspiration Benefit - 3-Way Calling - While a standard conversation may be enough stimulation for a normal Sim, the true social butterfly prefers a conference call. During a phone conversation with another Sim, you can use the phone to call a third Sim, and build relationship with both.
  • Related Aspiration Item - Cool shades
  • Other related item/perk -

Grilled Cheese

  • Primary Aspiration Benefit - Conjure Grilled Cheese - Using a secret technique handed down through the ages, you are able to focus the mysteriously cheesy energies of the Milk Way and manifest them as a perfectly toasted sandwich. This self interaction will create a snack to fill your belly, but all that magical concentration tends to be draining when it comes to comfort and energy.
  • Secondary Aspiration Benefit - Paint Grilled Cheese - A little-known and possibly true fact is that the first cave paintings ever discovered depicted ancient Sims making and eating grilled cheese sandwiches. Turophiles throughout the ages have upheld this glorious tradition with such masterworks as The GOuda Lisa and the Swiss-tine Chapel. You can create your own foray into the genre by using any easel.
  • Related Aspiration Item - ReNuYuSenso Orb (only way to have GC as primary aspiration)
  • Other related item/perk -