Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Act of Kindness

I ran to the gas station to purchase a pack of toilet paper, which my brother had managed to run out of while I was gone. For some reason, my debit card didn't go through. Attendent ran it a second time and it was denied. As there was someone in line behind me now, I'd decided to just go ahead and pay cash. The young man behind me was late teens, maybe early 20s and over a head taller than me. As I dug through my pockets for the emergency couple of bucks i keep on hand, he told attendant to just add it to his bill. I looked up at him and asked if he was sure and then thanked him for his kindness. As I was leaving, I heard his young friends ribbing him about having "new girlfriend". He told them "Shut up fools, it's nice to help old people." Really not looking forward to my birthday this month.

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